Saturday, April 24, 2010


1726 20th Street Northwest
Washington DC

Just upon passing, by the look of it, I was willing to bet this place knew how to brew some good coffee. I mean, it is sleek, modern, hipster (the hipsters know coffee) - they have a professional espresso machine and an overwhelming waft of fresh ground coffee beans emanates out the door.

I was so excited to walk in, so wanting this to be the one - the one cafe I can call home in DC. It's not fair that we have such bad coffee here. I need justice! Filter, deliver it to me! I ordered a large regular coffee - if your regular coffee tastes amazing, then you are a winner in my book. As I poured a teaspoon of natural sugar into my cup and slowly drizzled the half and half cream in, I noticed it took a while for the coffee to match my natural skin shade. I instantly realized, this is some dam good strong coffee. Can't wait to take a sip. Put the cup up to my lips, drink in, and .....nothing special. waaaa waaaa.

I'm so sad, my hunt for good coffee in this town continues.....

I should say that Cork Market serves Stumptown coffee - the gold standard in coffee. Stumptown is the highest standard of coffee you can achieve, but not everyone knows how to brew it to perfection. I have yet to see if Cork Market knows how to make a mean french press. More on that later.

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