Saturday, April 24, 2010

Patty Boom Boom

1359 U Street NW
Washington DC

What an awesome bar staff! Although you may not actually be on an island, they sure treat you like you are. Patty Boom Boom is an island of chill in the middle of the busy U Street corridor. You walk up to the second floor (a bit hard to find the stairs as they are tucked away on the left hand side) and you find yourself in a very hip space. Candlelit tables, a DJ booth upstairs overlooking the room and great jams. Patty Boom Boom has a calm vibe to it, the people make it what it is. Chill, kind, and just want to have a good time.

The beef patties are delicious, get the spicy beef patty - it's the best. The jerk chicken - not so much, a bit flavorless. These "patty's", which I never knew existed until I went here, are much like an empanada, but less oil ridden and not as complex. A good cheap eat - we ordered 5 for $22 bucks and fed our entire table. One major downfall of this place, the rum punch. It tastes like Robitussin. I'm not joking, I had at least three people tell me this on their own volition. I've been to Jamaica, this rum punch ain't nothing like the punch I had in some of the best Jamaican spots in the country. This is just bad fruit juice with rum and a pineapple. You can just get a red stripe and you'll be good. Besides that, every other sign pointed to go. I'm definitely coming back here.

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