Monday, April 19, 2010

My new favorite hangout: Dicksons

903 U Street NW

As I was walking home from a concert at the 9:30 club a few weeks ago I passed by a three story brick row house tucked in between some old buildings on 9th and U - right across from the infamous Nellie's Sports Bar. I was shocked to see glowing candle light, glasses of wine and tons of people in a building that until that moment I never new existed. Ran up to the doorman and in excitement demanded to know what this place underground wine bar?! Something cool that I wasn't invited to?! Tell me!

Not such a conspiracy after all it turns out. Dicksons opened up close to a month ago. So I went back the next weekend to give it a try. Walked up a narrow staircase and was greeted by the owner with a smile, felt right at home in under 60 seconds. That is rare for a wine bar. We were seated on the third floor, overlooking the city and the rest of those seated on floor 2. The walls lined with empty wine bottles and candle light....I actually felt as if I was transported to my former town of Portland, Oregon for a moment. This transportation was made final once I learned they had an entirely organic menu. Yup, transportation complete.

The menu was impressive - with an array of charcuterie sure to please, splended mixed drinks made with a delicate hand, and a wine list that will leave you happy. They even serve Creekstone Farms beef - most recently hailed by the New York Times. Apparently it is the best of the best.

However, as much as I love Dicksons, I still think that no wine bar in the city has come close to the level of expertise that the staff at Cork have in choosing the most excellent wines. In my two visits to Dicksons, I'm inclined to believe that their staff lack equivalent education or training to recommend the perfect glass of wine to their customers. But one thing they do excel at here is the service, no one is friendlier.

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